'Atlantic Rain' Bottled Drinking Water is Captured in Ireland

 - Oct 5, 2016
References: atlanticrain.ie
The 'Atlantic Rain' bottled drinking water looks to provide a premium product that's created using rain captured from the sky in Ireland. Positioned as a premium product from Ireland that provides a unique taste in comparison to other water products, 'Atlantic Rain' takes advantage of an abundant resource.

Ireland receives quite a bit of rainfall that consists of water that has been transported across the Atlantic ocean by various wind currents. This is being captured by 'Atlantic Rain' for a product that is inherently natural, focused on the European market and provides an intriguing backstory.

The bottled drinking water market is seeing an increase around the world as the demand for clean, potable water continues to grow. 'Atlantic Rain' identifies how brands are adapting to provide consumers with products that are more focused on the story behind the product rather than just the product itself.