From Political Food Trucks to Zero-Gravity Dance Parties

 - Nov 26, 2016
The top November 2016 marketing ideas include fountains that spout free wine and coffee so black that it's only sold on the darknet, perfectly representing a mix of ideas that are both playful and serious.

In response to the upcoming US presidential election, many brands are using creative marketing as a means of either overtly or subtly expressing views, or simply encouraging people to vote. Examples of both tactics can be seen in ice cream packaging from Ample Hills, food trucks that sell baloney sandwiches as "Donald Trump's BS" and Audi's 'Duel Presidential Debate Commercial.'

In contrast to the tension created by ads with political themes, there are plenty of playful marketing examples, such as moving boxes that transform into play structures for kids, plus toy collections inspired by children's drawings and toy bag branding that makes it look as though a shopper has the hand of a yellow LEGO Minifig.