These Ample Hills Flavored Ice Creams are Presidentially Delicious

 - Oct 7, 2016
References: amplehills & foodiggity
Election season is heating up in the United States, so Brooklyn-based ice creamery Ample Hills has created flavored ice creams to celebrate the two major candidates.

Including the Hillary Clinton-inspired 'Madam President' and the Donald Trump-inspired 'Make America Orange Again,' the ice cream flavors are delicious regardless of your political viewpoint.

'Madam President' is described by the brand as being, "a powerful yet comforting combination of sugar and spice and women’s rights." It's chocolate ice cream that has been packed with chocolate chip cookies and even chilis for a touch of heat.

'Make America Orange Again' is an orange-based ice cream that has been packed with chocolate brownie bits and marshmallows.

The Ample Hills 2016 election flavored ice creams are likely only around for a short time, so trying them now is essential.