Desperados' 'Bass Drop' Takes EDM Fans to 20,000 Feet

 - Sep 28, 2016
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EDM fans know that the genre's crown jewel is the drop -- the inertial moment when a song reaches a climax and the bass comes in -- and Desperados, HEINEKEN’S tequila flavoured beer brand is making that experience more visceral than ever with its 'Bass Drop' campaign. Bringing EDM lovers sky high, literally, Bass Drop is an experiment that will let people enter zero gravity in coordination with the music.

Many people are likely familiar with zero gravity flying: when a large airliner flies in a sine wave, simulating zero gravity while the plane is in decline. For Desperado's Bass Drop, that plane will begin to plummet just as the in-flight DJ drops the bass, adding even more euphoria to the moment. This immersive experience will be taking place in the heart of Las Vegas, Nevada and is a collaboration between the liquor brand, famed neuroscientist Daniel Levitin and DJ group the Barong Family.

In conjunction with the zero gravity flights, Desperado is set to capture the entire experience on film with a November 2016 release date.