From 18-Karat Gold Toilets to $80,000 Horse Models

 - Nov 27, 2016
Drones made of gold, personal care products infused with pearls and skateboards made from the leather of Louis Vuitton purses are just a few of the opulent November 2016 luxury products to be newly released.

Run-of-the-mill items like pens, toilets and hair ties are a few of the items that are now being created with precious materials and covered in designer names to elevate them to new levels for people to covet.

To create exclusivity, 'Rich Kids' was recently launched as an app that requires a membership fee of about $1,000 each month, meaning that its network will only consist of affluent users. At the same time, the good manners and etiquette of the high class is being made accessible to the public through a series of programs offered at the NYC Plaza Hotel.