This Season's Dries Van Noten Runway Featured Frozen Bouquets

 - Oct 5, 2016
References: nytimes & nymag
As spectators waited for the show, guests at the Dries Van Noten runway show for Spring couldn't help but take notice of the intricate floral arrangements encased in ice displayed on the catwalk.

The designer paired up with Japanese artist Azuma Makoto in producing a runway spectacle like no other. The iced bouquets served as a backdrop for the fashion show's dominantly black, white, yellow and gold fabrics. Azuma converted nearly 100 types of rare flowers into 23 different arrangements, placed them in subzero water and froze them for a week. The sculptures traveled from Belgium to the Paris in refrigerated cars and arrived morning of the event.

These flowers have garnered a lot of attention, as seen on social media accounts of fashion editors from Vogue and Harper's Bazaar.