'Gucci 4 Rooms' Will Showcase Work from Different Japanese Artists

Alessandro Michele is the creative director behind 'Gucci 4 Rooms,' an immersive art exhibition that spans a series of locations within the luxurious house that the designer brand lays claim to.

To present it, Gucci first showcased the work of the participating artists online, with plans to later present the pieces in real spaces in Tokyo. By visiting the project's website, fans of Gucci can interact with the installations by exploring them and clicking on certain components.

In order to create Gucci 4 Rooms, three artists who are known as Chiharu Shiota, Daito Manabe and Mr. were asked to center their vision around themes that were conceived by Alessandro Michele, reports F*cking Young! In addition to this, a fourth artist called Trouble Andrew offered a secret installation, which can be found when interacting with the spaces online.