The New Waist Bags from UNDERCOVER Reference a Patti Smith Song

 - Oct 20, 2016
References: & hypebeast
Patti Smith, an American singer, songwriter and poet, continues to be an influential figure to many -- something that's communicated by the new waist bags from UNDERCOVER that are much more lavish than most.

The black material which the carrier is made up of is shaped into the structure of a castle, however in a way that's quite subtle and abstract. In between the pointed towers that decorate the sides of the new waist bags, UNDERCOVER includes its name in gold lettering and beneath, a line of lyrics from Patti Smith's powerful 'Babelogue,' which reads "I haven't f*cked much with the past, but I've f*cked plenty with the future."

The lining of the bag is gold as well to complement the luxurious lettering that adorns the exterior and the adjustable strap that fastens the carrier to its wearer is a deep twilight blue.