DirectDrones is Producing its DJI Phantom Drone in 24-Carat Gold

Now that consumers have been impressed for DirectDrones' DJI Phantom Drone for some time now, the UK brand is now producing a special 'DJI Phantom 4 Gold Edition.'

As its name suggests, the luxury drone is being produced in a 24-carat gold and is equipped with a variety of impressive features. The drone comes with a remote controller, battery, a set of propellers and a companion storage bag, as well as other items such as a mobile phone holder. The drone also includes a built-in camera for capturing high-definition aerial shots.

The luxury gold drone boasts the ability to soar to heights of up to 2,000 meters or 6,500 feet, which outdoes most ordinary drones, which are only able of reaching about a maximum altitude of 400 feet.