Yummly's Yuzu Macaron Recipe is Made with Almond Flour

 - Jan 9, 2017
References: yummly.co
Yummly's recipe for yuzu macarons is boldly flavored and health-conscious, featuring almond flour ingredients that make it an ideal dessert for those with a gluten intolerance. The Japanese fruit ingredient is a staple of Asian cuisine -- most notably used in Korean dishes -- and has recently gained more mainstream popularity thanks to food platforms and adventurous restaurateurs.

In addition to Japanese fruit and almond flour ingredients, these yuzu macarons by Yummly also feature low fat egg whites along with bittersweet chocolate, granulated sugar and whipping cream ingredients.

Lastly, a teaspoon of Cointreau -- a triple sec blend from France -- finishes this dessert recipe off, adding a punch of bold flavor that is offset with its citrusy yuzu notes.