The Japanese Kit Kat Shop Will Be Selling Asian-Inspired Chocolate Bar Sushi

 - Jan 31, 2017
References: kotaku & mashable
For a limited time only, Kit Kat will be offering chocolate bar sushi. From February 2nd to February 4th, 2017, the first street-facing Kit Kat shop in Tokyo will be selling the regionally relevant Kit Kat Sushi to celebrate the store's opening. This follows a wide variety of Asian Kit Kat flavors, including rice wine chocolate wafers.

The chocolate bar sushi will come in three different flavors: egg (Tamago), sea urchin (Uni) and tuna (Maguro). Luckily, the trio of sushi pieces are only named after the foods that inspired their look, and don't actually taste like seafood. Instead, Tamago has a pumpkin pudding flavor with puffed rice and seaweed. Uni consists of Hokkaido melon and cheese-flavored Kit Kats wrapped in seaweed. Magura is raspberry chocolate wafers on puffed rice with white chocolate.