The SunTropics Coconut Rice Pudding is Infused with Fresh Ingredients

 - May 11, 2017
References: trndmonitor
The new SunTropics Coconut Rice Pudding comes as a dairy-free alternative dessert option that will provide a creamy texture and exotic taste experience to enjoy.

The rice pudding cups are crafted using Thai rice that has been mixed with whole coconut milk and freshly shaved coconut before being slowly simmered in order to fully merge the various texture and flavor profiles. This process isn't complicated with preservatives, which makes the pudding cups a natural option that should be eaten as fresh as possible.

The SunTropics Coconut Rice Pudding cups come in four flavor options including Sea Salt Caramel, Original, Classic Cocoa and Cinnamon. Each one is gluten-free and doesn't require refrigeration, which makes them ideal for enjoying out of the house.