The MATCHA Sweets Garden Buffet Will Offer Dozens of Matcha Treats

To celebrate Kyoto's world-famous green tea, the MATCHA Sweets Garden buffet at the Kyoto Century Hotel in central Kyoto City will be hosting a decadent dessert buffet boasting more than 100 different matcha-infused creations.

The MATCHA Sweets Garden buffet is a limited-time event running from July 1st to July 30th. The buffet will primarily feature desserts, with more than 30 different kinds of sweets and 50 different kinds of ice cream. The sweets will be patisserie-made and will be infused with green tea powder from the long-standing specialty tea shop Gion Tsujiri. Some of the delicious treats available include a layered matcha opera cake, petit matcha fondue and Matcha Mont Blanc. There will also be non-alcoholic, matcha drinks served alongside the sweets, which guests can mix themselves.

By giving guests the option to pick and choose from a variety of different matcha desserts, the event highlights the versatility of Kyoto's most famous ingredient.