McDonald's Japan is Serving the 'Mcflurry Crunchy Sakura' for Spring

One of the telltale signs of spring in Japan is the blooming of cherry blossoms and the appearance of many sakura-themed products, like McDonald's new McFlurry Crunchy Sakura dessert.

The richly textured dessert is a blend of soft serve ice cream and a sauce that takes inspiration from the popular sakura mochi, a popular Japanese confection that features a red bean filling inside of a rice cake, which is wrapped inside a pickled leaf. Naturally, the McFlurry Crunchy Sakura dessert also features real pieces of salt-pickled cherry leaves, as well as crushed pink waffle cone chunks that offset the creaminess of the dessert.

In the past, other fast food establishments have launched beverages, burgers and other kinds of desserts inspired by the distinctive look and taste of these pink blossoms.