The Ishimaru Sanuki Cha-udon Are Made Using Green Tea Extracts

 - Jun 10, 2016
References: japantrendshop
The Ishimaru Sanuki Cha-udon noodles opt for an unconventional flavoring sourced from green tea extract that gives the pasta a unique taste and greenish hue. The noodles are a spin on the traditional udon variety that utilizes the sanuki cooking style. While the fermented tea does flavor the noodles slightly sweet, the pasta pairs well with a variety of meals and adds an unlikely contrast.

The noodles are comprised of sencha green tea that is powdered and added to the pasta base. The tea infuses the noodles with an earthy taste while changing the color from yellow to a light green. The noodles are designed to be used for udon dishes and pair well with traditional toppings such as tofu, tempura and onions.

The addition of an unlikely ingredient to the popular food adds an unexpected element that renders the eating experience new.