From Easter Brunch Flavor Events to Experiential Beer Lounges

 - Apr 23, 2016
The top April 2016 marketing ideas showcase the continued progression toward immersive brand experiences that highlight the product or service in a memorable, positive manner.

The McCormick Easter Preview was a spring-inspired festive lunch hosted by food blogger Gaby Dalkin in Venice Beach, California. The event was attended by lifestyle influencers and featured a menu that highlighted best uses for a number of McCormick spice products. The pre-Easter event included copious fresh flowers and branded Snapchat filters.

Separately, the Budweiser Beer Garage at South by Southwest 2016 included a multi-sensory journey through the brand's St Louis brewery using virtual reality and various real-world cues such as smelling ingredients and drinking the beverage. The interactive lounge served as a place for SXSW attendees to relax during a busy few days among a bevy of branded memorabilia.