MØS is a New Nordic-Inspired Restaurant Located in Moscow

 - Feb 25, 2016
References: packagingoftheworld
MØS is a new Nordic restaurant in Moscow that pays tribute to the all-natural and experimental nature of Scandinavian cuisine. Designed by Backbone Branding, the new brand identity is a stylized marriage of minimalist simplicity and artisan food branding.

Additionally, the space is outfitted with light, cozy furniture and boasts an impressive menu stacked with healthy items made from fresh, wholesome foods. Included in the visual designs for MØS are a variety of marketing materials, branded tissue paper for the wrapping of the restaurant's wine selection and sleek glass milk bottles featuring an embossed imprint of the new logo.

Backbone Branding is a creative agency based in Yerevan, Armenia that specializes in creating dynamic visual identities for brand's, particularly food and beverage.