The Branding for Nord is Targeted at Discerning Millennial Consumers

 - Mar 16, 2016
References: thedieline
This example of hybrid cafe branding encompasses the wide variety of functions the establishment boasts, with an emphasis on agriculture and manufacturing. The graphics-heavy design features stick drawings of food items such as wine, cheese, mushrooms, cutlery, plants, and animals such as deer, cows, crabs and other seafood.

Located in Norway, Nord is a hybrid establishment, boasting a range of functions that includes bakery, coffee shop, roastery, restaurant, cocktail bar and snack bar. The project was actually a rebrand, with Nord tapping the creative team at White Studios to reimagine the experience of the brand. Using icons and simplistic imagery to highlight the brands uniquely diverse range of services, White Studios created a minimal yet memorable branding scheme that is sure to resonate with consumers.