KFC Singapore's Umakara Burger is Steeped in a Savory Shoyu Marinade

 - Aug 22, 2016
References: kfc.sg & chewboom
KFC Singapore recently debuted a new menu item called the 'Umakara Burger,' which is described as "A taste so indescribably good, it's beyond words!" Featuring authentic Asian flavors, the new burger caters to regional taste preferences in a creative way.

The new Umakara Burger consists of a chicken fillet steeped in a savory shoyu marinade and then hand-coated in a spicy batter. The fillet used for the burger is then topped with lettuce, cheese and a roasted sesame sauce, while the à la carte version is sprinkled with Umami spice. For those who want to complete their meal, the chain is also offering stuffed potato bites called 'Shrooms Poppers.'

The new KFC menu is in keeping with the growing demand for regionally inspired dished at international locations.