Nagatoya's 'Fly Me to the Moon' Can Be Sliced to Reveal Different Scenes

Japanese sweet maker Nagatoya recently launched a dessert called 'Fly Me to the Moon' that takes the form of a picturesque jelly dessert that reveals different scenes when it is sliced.

True to its name, the bite-sized, multi-colored dessert features a scene of a bird flying closer and closer to the moon. Rather than featuring the same image all the way through, the dessert boasts a color-changing sky that morphs from yellow to deep the deep blue of night, as well as a moon that is cycles from a crescent to a full shape in the sky.

Alongside offering a dynamic change in appearance, the dessert from Nagatoya also offers a diverse range of flavors, including sweet red bean paste, lemon and champagne jelly, as well as toppings that include cranberry, walnut and raisin.