This Experimental Salt & Straw Flavor Was Inspired by a Student

 - Apr 7, 2017
References: saltandstraw & saltandstraw
As an alternative to the many sweet frozen dessert flavors that are available across the world, Portland's Salt & Straw created a unique seafood ice cream flavor. This spicy and savory ice cream flavor boasts a base of wasabi-lime ice cream that's enhanced with dried shrimp rice crisps.

The Rice Shrimp Sushi with Lime ice cream flavor is one of the many inventive flavors that have been created by Salt & Straw as part of its Student Inventors Series. Others in this range include Vanilla Rose Bubble Tea, a savory Ramen Ice Cream and the Carrot Pie Sundae. As Salt & Straw puts it: "These one-of-a-kind combinations of ice creams and delicious additions push the boundaries of flavor fantasy, bringing a kid’s-eye-view to dessert that you need to eat to believe."