'Cashewgurt' Makes Creamy Nut-Based Yogurts from Cashews

 - Mar 17, 2017
References: foragerproject
Almonds are most often used in the making of nut-based yogurt products, but Cashewgurt sets itself apart as a producer of organic non-dairy yogurts made instead with creamy cashews.

Like many traditional dairy brands, Cashewgurt offers favorite flavors like Lemon, Strawberry and Unsweetened Plain. As well as being free from dairy, these cashew-based yogurts are also made without ingredients like soy and gluten. Four of Cashewgurt's nut-based yogurt products are packaged in convenient single-serve cups for on-the-go eating.

Many health-conscious consumers, whether or not they are vegan or lactose intolerant, are experimenting with incorporating non-dairy yogurts into their diets as an alternative to traditional dairy products and as a new means of getting proteins from plant sources rather than animals and the products they produce.