The J.S. Pancake Cafe is Serving Decadent 'S’more Pancakes'

Throughout the entire month of February, the J.S. Pancake Cafe chain in Tokyo, Japan has been serving up decadent dessert pancakes that put a sophisticated twist on S'mores.

The S’more Pancake is made with an outer layer of two ultra-thick, cake-like pancakes that feature a toasted marshmallow top and an indulgent filling of whipped cream, chocolate and raspberry sauce for the Black S'mores Pancake or white chocolate and cream cheese for the White S'mores Pancake version.

To encourage as many people as possible to try these dessert pancakes, the J.S. Pancake Cafe also set up in-store promotions like Black Wednesday and White Friday, which offered the desserts of the corresponding color at half price through to the last day of the month.