Scientists are Experimenting with Additive Manufacturing and Dairy Products

 - Mar 21, 2017
References: sciencedirect & gizmodo
A recent study published in the Journal of Food Engineering reveals that scientists at the University College Cork in Ireland are now experimenting with additive manufacturing technology for the purposes of creating 3D-printed cheese.

The researchers used a RepRap Pro Ormerod 1 printer and created a custom syringe, which would be used to dispense dairy product rather than a plastic filament. Some of the challenges of printing with food is that the heat required to manipulate the materials has the potential to change molecular structure. In their work, the researchers found that the 3D-printed cheese had "breaks in their protein networks and large, misshapen, non-spherical fat balls," as Gizmodo reports.

Others are experimenting with 3D printing and other foods, such as chocolate and candies, as well as a variety of other desserts.