Five Star Foodies Makes Plant-Based Burgers with Artichokes and Cashews

A rise in plant-based eating has created a demand for vegan and vegetarian burgers, which is most often satisfied with soy or blends of beans and grains—but Five Star Foodies is setting itself apart in this increasingly competitive market as a producer of artichoke burgers.

Five Star Foodies' artichoke burgers come in three flavors: Original Recipe, Tandoori Spice and French Herb. To bind the non-GMO, preservative-free artichoke patties together, the brand uses a blend of brown rice, cashew nuts, potato flour and a few other key ingredients plus nutritional yeast, which is a great source of B12 for those who adhere to a strict plant-based diet.

Some other plant-based burgers that have successfully been created use equally novel natural ingredients like eggplants, mushrooms and jackfruit in place of mock meat.