Snack Factory's Natural 'Fruit Sticks' Boast a Satisfying Crispy Texture

While vegetables are most often associated with having stick-like forms and a crispy, crunchy texture, the Fruit Sticks from Snack Factory are out to change the way consumers see fruits for snacking.

The brand's gluten-free dried Fruit Sticks are made with real, non-GMO fruits—such as apples and strawberries—with no added sugars or preservatives. Each snack bag contains the equivalent of five apples. As of now, these fun Fruit Sticks are offered in three flavors: Apple Cinnamon, Apple Strawberry and Apple.

As Snack Factory suggests, these novel fruit snacks can be enjoyed on their own, mixed into nuts to make a satisfying trail mix or used as a dessert topping to create additional flavor and crunch.