The Primizie’s Organic Sprouted Grains Crispbreads are Nutrient-Rich

 - Mar 28, 2017
References: preparedfoods
Building on the brand's previous release of crispbreads snack chips, the Primizie’s Organic Sprouted Grains Crispbreads are crafted with number of gluten-free options that are all made with non corn-based ingredients.

The new snack chips come in four flavor varieties including Rustic Beets, Green Harvest, Ancient Grains and Smoked Cheddar, which are all inspired by culinary traditions from South America.

The various snack chips are crafted using a blend of nutrient-rich flours including teff, brown rice and millet as well as organic grains including quinoa, amaranth and sorghum. This enables the chips to be naturally free of gluten and packed with fiber to make them a far healthier snack alternative to other chips that are on the market.