This Chocolate Egg Treat from Prestat Tastes Like a Hot Cross Bun

 - Mar 25, 2017
References: prestat
Both hot cross buns and chocolate egg treats are staples of Easter eating, so Prestat created a single sweet to combine the tastes of both.

The Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg boasts the taste of a "fruity and fragrant" hot cross bun, a flavor that's created with ingredients like a handmade spice-infused milk chocolate. To add to the surprise of biting into this unique chocolate Easter egg, Prestat includes smaller foil-wrapped egg-shaped chocolates inside of the larger, hollow egg.

Unlike many chocolate Easter products that feature lots of plastic in their packaging, the Hot Cross Bun Spiced Easter Egg is wrapped in a ribbon and nestled with darkly colored tissue paper in an upscale box.