Wewalka's Sweet Dough is Rolled for Instant Placement on a Baking Tray

More often than not, dough is sold in a ball so that it may be used for a variety of applications, but Wewalka takes a different approach to packaging its sweet dough.

The brand's Sweet Short Crust is sold in a long package that is specifically designed so that the dough may be unrolled straight away onto a baking sheet, with no additional rolling required to adjust its thickness. The pastry crust can then be topped with one's desired ingredients and added to the oven for a quick and easy baking experience that simplifies the labor of making fresh treats at home from scratch—preparing the perfect sweet dough alone is often a process that can take hours.

Wewalka offers a variety of products for baking in this style, such as dough for pastries, pizzas and flatbreads.