LemonSox Offers Scented Fashion Socks in Tin Cans

 - Mar 22, 2017
References: lemonsox & instagram
Europe-based company LemonSox is stepping into the crowded sock market with a unique packaging concept. It offers colourful, scented fashion socks packed in tin cans. And while this might not be something completely unprecedented, customers can also choose the scent of the socks. Vanilla, Cinnamon and Orange/Chili are options available.

Darius, a co-founder of LemonSox, says that "there are two ways of treating the idea: you can either just look at scented and canned socks as a bright new funny gift idea for someone with a good sense of humor, or for someone without it. Or, if you are more on the serious side, there is also a practical approach: we have noticed, that there are situations where you want/need to take of your shoes (at a friend's place, while getting a massage, on a flight, in a long haul bus, you name it) but after a long day you don't feel comfortable about the freshness of your socks. And that's where the canned socks come in handy, you just go to the restroom and voila! You're all set. And the best part is that you can hide your used socks back into the can and bring it home safely, as it comes with additional plastic lid."

LemonSox will be launching on Kickstarter in April.