This Kit Lets Peole Personalize Bordallo Pinheiro's Sardine Sculpture

The Sardine collection launched last year by Bordallo Pinheiro and the the Earthenware Factory of Caldas da Rainha introduced 60 fish figurines from artists around the world. To help consumers show off these unique collector's items, Bordallo Pinheiro also sells accessories for hanging and displaying the sardine sculptures.

Bordallo Pinheiro also introduced a Customizable Sardine kit, complete with a plain fish figurine in ceramic, as well as markers for drawing on the decorative piece. On the back of the box are a series of playful illustrations that detail how the shapely piece of ceramic can be customized.

While there are many toy sets for kids that are designed in this way, this set has specific appeal to adult collectors, especially those who remember the original, iconic design of Bordallo Pinheiro's sardine, as depicted on the blue box packaging for the piece.