MILKMORE's Brand Identity Boasts Adorable Character Illustrations

 - Mar 2, 2017
Graphic designer Cosmo Hung is the creative force behind the brand identity for MILKMORE and opts for adorable character illustrations that are used to promote the brand's cookie range.

Featuring flavor varieties like Sweet Potato, Sesame, Chocolate Chip, Raisin and Chocolate Chip among others, MILKMORE's artisanal cookie collection is packaged in recyclable paper containers that resemble ice cream cartons. The eco-friendly containers are accented with illustrated and cartoon-themed labels.

Each label features a girl mascot who poses with a friend and her pet. Appealing to aesthetically-conscious consumers, this snack packaging is eye-catching and good for the environment. Additionally, its fun character illustrations will capture the attention of kids who can enjoy MILKMORE's delicious and wholesome cookie range -- made using raw and natural ingredients rather than artificial ones.