Get More Vitamins is Now Offering Vitamins in a Unique New Form

 - Mar 24, 2017
References: getmorevits & packagingoftheworld
In order to help people increase their daily intake of vitamins, Get More Vitamins recently introduced its Multivitamin Gum. As stated on the packaging for the product, "1 gum contains a 25% daily dose of 10 vitamins," including numerous B vitamins, as well as vitamins C,D, E and K. Currently, the sugar-free chewing gum product is being launched in classic flavors like Peppermint and Spearmint.

Previously, Get More Vitamins' assortment only included a line of vitamin-enriched drinks, but the Multivitamin Gum offers a new and ultra-convenient way for busy, health-conscious consumers to get the essentials that they need. As the brand notes: "Chewing gum has various beneficial qualities, from aiding digestion and supporting oral health to managing stress, so it seemed logical for Get More to add a daily dose of vitamins to the benefit list."

The Multivitamin Gum will first launch as a product that's exclusive to Tesco stores.