The CLIF MOJO Bars are Comprised With Organic Sweet and Salty Ingredients

 - Sep 8, 2016
References: clifbar
Offering nut snacks in a conveniently compact format are the MOJO Sweet & Salty Trail Mix Bars that contain a hybrid of ingredient flavors sourced from organic products. The bars are designed to be a healthy in-between snack that will tie consumers over between heavier meals. The natural ingredient list and lack of refined sugars ensures that the bars are healthy, wholesome and nutritious.

The MOJO Sweet & Salty Trail Mix Bars combine an equal amount of savory and fruity ingredients to help provide a well-balanced bar that is equally as delicious. The bars source trail mixes for inspiration utilizing ingredients such as oats, dried fruits, nuts and chocolates to provide low glycemic, protein-rich and organic snack options to fuel consumers throughout their busy days.