The Bandito Pocketbook Furls Up to Hold Everything from Money to Sunglasses

 - Mar 13, 2015
References: store.leibal
This chic roll wallet looks like it's been snatched straight from the late 19th century. Reminiscent of old portable purses carried by artists, writers and anyone with a few implements to tote around, the Bandito ensures that modern man and woman are equipped with these still-powerful utensils.

Paintbrushes and pens can be kept within this old-fashioned billfold, slotted neatly into the straps down the center. Sunglasses, earbuds, charging cables, makeup and even cutlery and be tucked in, and a simple scrolling action can protect and hold the contents in place. To match with the leather material is a strong hide string that binds around the roll wallet for security and portability. In a world that's shifting away from tactile towards virtual, touchable and low-tech interactive items such as this are starting to interest the fashion community once more.