These Handcrafted Cases Pop Open at the Push of a Button

Japanese designer Tanno Masakage crafted these beautiful wooden pencil cases that resemble vintage "trick boxes."

The 'Free Case' is made by hand in Asahikawa, Japan from high quality wooden material in either maple, Japanese oak or walnut with special push buttons also made from a contrasting wooden color. Each wooden pencil case is also tastefully lined with cork material for interesting inner detailing.

The only part of this beautiful stationary carrier that isn't made from natural wood materials is a discreetly hidden metal spring. When the unassuming push button is pressed, the inner tray pops out to grant access to the user. The handcrafted design of this case by Masakage was influenced by the woodworking he observed from his father Norio Masakage, whose tradition of craftsmanship he carries on to this day.