From Millennial Work Guides to Brain-Boosting Boomer Apps

 - Sep 30, 2015
These September 2015 life-stages trends range from millennial workplace infographics to brain-boosting boomer apps -- equipped with mental exercises that boost memory and sharpness among an aging generation. As seniors become more active and tech-savvy, these aging consumers are embracing the beauty of life after retirement rather than choosing to be reclusive.

Along with brain-boosting apps, these September 2015 life-stages trends also include government initiatives like Singapore's senior discount packages that are offered by its Ministry of Health. The packages encourage seniors to travel and to enjoy other rewarding experiences like education after retirement.

When examining the month's youth and baby trends, a focus on connected toys and health devices is present. From smart baby thermometers to kid-friendly coding robots, these life-stages ideas recognize consumers' love of technology and are designed with both intuition and convenience in mind.