This Gadget Gives the Hearing Impaired a Different Way to Experience Sound

 - Aug 19, 2015
References: dhadji & fastcodesign
'Vi' a tabletop device that provides a new way for individuals with hearing impairments to experience sound. While music is often understood in terms of audible noises, this device turns beautiful melodies into a visual and tactile experience.

The device was designed by Dimitri Hadjichristou as a way to help hearing impaired children experience sound and music. Hadjichristou discovered that the brain can rewire itself to experience sound through vibrations. Based on this idea, Hadjichristou designed a tactile device that allows children to feel the rhythm of different sounds. Vi contains modular Korg synthesizers and a set of ball bearings that bounce around when the music is playing. Children can then wrap their hands around the device to experience the vibrations produced by the different sounds.

Beyond helping children with hearing impairments, Vi can also be used for children with conditions such as Autism.