From Durable Waterproof Backpacks to Kiddie Yoga Studios

 - Sep 30, 2015
The top September 2015 youth trends highlight innovations that speak to a modern understanding of youth and youth marketing. From products designed at carving out habits for success at an early age to retail concepts designed with youth in mind, there are plenty of examples of products and services aimed at creating an early connection with young consumers.

An example of forming habits that inspire well-being, SHINE Yoga Kids is a yoga studio designed entirely around catering to children. The innovative studio is located in New York City and hopes to inspire a future generation of meditation-powered yogis.

Separately, retail and hospitality concepts designed with children in mind continue to pop-up.

The top September 2015 youth trends showcase the ever-evolving ways in which brands can cater to families of consumers rather than just the parental unit.