Collect and Trade Stylized Online Business Cards with 'Glitter'

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: & techcrunch
Start-up company Betaworks created a new app called 'Glitter' that turns trading online business cards into a game-like competition. Like collecting Pokemon cards as a kid, Glitter will make the player want to "catch 'em all'."

The trading cards include more than a standard name, phone number and email address. They allow for social media links, funny GIFs, expressive emojis and personal pictures. The cards can be used to build a personal brand or simply make friends laugh. The co-founder Christian Rocha says it's supposed to be like "collecting a little piece of your friends to take away with you."

Looking to the future, Glitter hopes to incorporate mini games or apps for purchase within their own, making room for profit as well as for users to further personalize these fun online business cards.