Blow Up to 14,000 Bubbles Per Minute with the DIY Bubble-Bucket

 - Aug 12, 2015
References: thingiverse & slashgear
Picture 14,000 bubbles floating through the air in the span of one minute -- a relatively easy-to-make DIY bubble-bucket can make that daydream happen.

While it may not be the most necessary gadget created, it provides an unparalleled level of fun to overcompensate. To create this machine, it will help to own a 3D printer in order to make a conveyor belt of bubble wands, otherwise a hardware store may be a good start. In addition to that contraption, the bubble-bucket needs a motor to power it and a large bucket full of soapy water.

The original creator of the machine goes by the handle "Scratchhax" and also uses a box fan to create enough wind for a big show. So for the next wedding or photoshoot that just absolutely necessitates over 10,000 bubbles, the solution is here.