These Quirky Re-Invented Road Signs Comically Display Canes & Walkers

 - Aug 10, 2015
References: creativecourage & itsnicethat
The NB Studio, Michael Wolff and Spring Chicken created a collection of comical road signs to specifically target the elderly. Each sign is shaped like a triangle, which means yield or caution.

The signs are outlined with a red boarder and contain humorous images of elderly people conducting various activities. These activities vary from driving around on a motorized wheelchair to crossing the street on a skateboard. The uplifting images are meant to replace drab images that are often used to portray elderly generations.

These images mimic the elderly with playful graphics of canes and glasses. Their ultimate goal is to celebrate the elderly rather than disregard them. This project also aims to celebrate the youthfulness and vitality of our aging population and is set to be adapted in the United Kingdom, where these road signs are sure to become a new standard.