From Pro-Choice Drone Deliveries to Barista Bachelor Initiatives

 - Jul 25, 2015
These July 2015 life ideas reflect emerging patterns in the daily life of people, including family and friends as well as career and job benefits. Whether you are a marketer in the realm of lifestyle products and services or interested in the area of self-help, these ideas will be useful in terms of better understanding consumers and yourself.

When it comes to financial literacy and the management of personal finances, convenience and simplicity is key. Given the topic is not something that is taught in schools, many young adults are entering the workforce without a firm grasp on economic principles (as evidenced by soaring rates of student debt). As digital natives, such folks are interested in apps and services that make matters uncomplicated, from bill-splitting to saving money.

July 2015 life ideas indicate new age methods to de-stressing and being holistically healthy continue to be popular, including silent meditation retreats.