This Wearable Efficiency Tracker is Supposed to Improve Performance

 - Jun 25, 2015
References: humanyze & springwise
This efficiency tracker improves the productivity of staff members with wearable sensors. Humanyze is a smart badge worn around the necks of employees so businesses can be more productive as a whole. The sensors embedded within the badges -- such as an accelerometer and microphone -- collect more than 40 kinds of data during just one day.

Created by the MIT Media Lab, the Humanyze efficiency tracker has already been put to work with 10,000 Bank of America employees. Individual workers wear the badge, which gains insight based on everything from tone of voice to body language towards colleagues. A cloud-based dashboard shows the gathered data as well as other business metrics. This enables the company to gain further insight into their performance.

Although all data is privacy protected and participating clients cannot access an individual's information, it will be interesting to see how those wearing badges will respond.