Yasmine Mustafa Has Created an Assault Alarm to Help Keep Women Safe

 - Jun 15, 2015
References: useroar & fastcompany
After witnessing violence in her neighborhood, Yasmine Mustafa set about creating a new kind of assault alarm that would help to better protect women. While there are a number of safety tools already available to consumers, Mustafa wanted to come up with a better way to empower and protect women. Working with cofounder Anthony Gold, Mustafa launched a startup company called 'ROAR For Good.'

One of the latest innovations to come from ROAR is piece of wearable fashion that doubles as an assault alarm. If a woman senses imminent danger, she simply holds down a button on the device, which will active a flashing light and a loud alarm. The device is also connected to an accompanying smartphone app, which will then send a message to local authors and a number of pre-programmed contacts.

Unlike other self-defense tools that are dangerous and hard to use, the ROAR device can be deployed with ease during a tense moment. With its convenient wearable design, this high-tech assault alarm can help provide women with simple source of protection.