This New Project Aims to Trace the Descendants of Freed Slaves

The 'Freedmen’s Bureau Project' is a digital genealogy project that aims to trace the descendants of freed slaves. The project involves publishing a number of documents that will help provide African Americans with a vital resource for researching and tracing their family history.

The project consists of digitizing nearly two million documents that detail African American family records from the era of slavery. The documents were collected by the US government near the end of the Civil War and have now been drawn up by the Freedmen’s Bureau. Many of these records are handwritten documents detailing the histories of over four million freed slaves in the 1860s. The project is being handled by volunteers who are helping to transcribe the massive amount of records.

The digital genealogy project is the first of its kind and marks a major effort to help American Americans connect their Civil War-era ancestors to their current family trees.