This All-In-One Card Lets Users Pay However They Want with One Swipe

 - Jan 31, 2014
References: psfk
Wouldn't it be amazing to have an all-in-one card? A card that would allow you to pay wherever you are, however you want. While this may have seemed like a pipe dream years ago, it will be a very real possibility soon.

Many of us have overstocked wallets and purses. A variety of cards all begging for use sit arm's length away in our back pockets and it can be a bewildering experience. With this new upcoming card by 'Coin,' we'll be able to program one card to use money from accounts of our choosing.

This super card is a bit thicker and wider than the average credit or bank card but considering it has one's information in one place, the size can be forgiven. For those who have ever wanted a black card, this all-in-one card is the one for you.