The Flexi Flash Can Be Wrapped Around Bikes and Bags for Night Visibility

The designer of the Flexi Flash understands that it isn't just bicycle riders that require illumination at night for their safety. This device was developed as an accessory for pedestrians as well as cyclists, giving them the facility to fasten bright lightbulbs to just about anything.

The flexible flashlight is made from ABS plastic with a malleable metal band that's covered in soft silicone material. Measuring 7 inches in length, the thin tail of the tadpole-like gizmo can be easily coiled around one's wrist, a belt loop, backpack straps, a baby stroller or bike handlebars. Wind it and angle it so that it guides your path or alerts motorists of your presence in the dark. The Flexi Flash can be purchased through the MoMA store in one of many bold colors.