The Nightlight Toilet Seat Keeps You From Hurting Your Eyes

 - Feb 10, 2014
References: us.kohler & gizmodo
To some, the idea of a nightlight toilet seat my be going a bit overboard. But if you’ve ever needed to take a late night trip to the bathroom only to have your retinas assaulted by your bathroom lighting because your eyes have adjusted to the dark, then you know that a nightlight toilet seat is nothing short of a game changer.

The two LED lights are designed in such a way as to provide you with enough guiding light, but are not so harsh as to disturb your nighttime vision. The lights require four double AA batteries and should last approximately six months. They also work on a schedule so you don’t need to constantly remember to turn them on and off.

The nightlight toilet seat is such a simple solution to what is most certainly a daily problem suffered by many across the globe, and it’s a wonder why toilets didn’t come built this way in the first place.