Bossy is a Unique Stress Ball with a Ton of Tech Capabilities

 - Apr 12, 2014
References: lucasn & psfk
'Bossy' is a unique stress ball that's way more hi-tech than the average squeezy toy, but provides just as much relief. Although you aren't able to totally scrunch up Bossy like any other stress ball, it does have a soft surface to mimic the sensation. But what really separates Bossy from all the other stress balls out there is the fact that it has a small touch screen, designed to help you divide up your time responsibly.

As well as providing a way to aid organization, Bossy provides reminders and rewards for positive habits you want to reinforce. Bossy also aims to reduce stress by getting rid of distractions that can lead you to feel overwhelmed, like constantly being inundated with push notifications, texts and updates from social media.